The Men behind the Photo

Daniel Brockner


Is a popular german bird photographer and writer. So far he is one of the worlds most important bird photographer. 


In the middle of the rainforest


The most beautiful place is in the primeval forest. Daniel Brockner travels around the world to take pictures of rare birds in a totaly new way. 



2010 - 2012


  • The beginning of my work as "photographer".
  • Also I started  to find my place in the world of bird-photography

My first camera was the Sony a300 and a old 70-300.


In 2011 I bought the Sony a290 to learn more about new technology.

2012- 2014


  • Set up my new gear with the Sony 580 and the Sony 70-400G
  • Try to got as much experience as i can by travling twice  yearly to teneriffe
  • I also found  new ways for me to get the shoot done



  • My first journey as a "photographer"
  • Changed my a580 to a Sony a99
  • I got a clear idea howe I would like to make photo in the future


Thanks to my father I sarted to writhe for german                                                                            jornals like the "Gefiederte Welt"



  • Next setp was my journey to suriname


I found out that I need a to think in new ways to great my photos and  I started to develop my own idea about howe professional brid-photography will work in the future. 



  • During my trip to malaysia, I exercised my new way of taking photos.
  • the result was the world leading photo of the fire-tuffted barbet
  • I also improved my website and my portfolio as a writher.


In the same year i got a two-part article about the bird-life of malaysia and singapore the journal "Gefiederte-Welt".




  • In 2018 the famos german journal "ColorFoto" wirths abou my work
  • Thank to my invention, i got my second worl leading shot of the rare plate- billed mountain tucan